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AIP - Diving in the Deep End

Take the Autoimmune Protocol diet by the horns! With this plan, you’ll eliminate all non-AIP foods from day one. This is the fastest plan, since you’ll reach the 30-day full elimination period more quickly and can begin the reintroduction phase sooner. (You can choose to stay in the elimination phase longer than 30 days if you’d like)

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AIP - Wading In 

Taking your time to get used to the water more your style? With this plan, you’ll gradually eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet, one category at a time.

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Not SAD Anymore

Don’t need/want full AIP? This is the plan for you!

Move away from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to incorporate more whole foods into your life. Feel better from the inside out and likely lose weight as a side bonus!

What Each Session Includes

45 minute personal coaching sessions with me, either in person if you’re located in Austin or via Skype.

During each session I’ll help you identify and set goals, create a plan, and discuss progress. We’ll use questionnaires and food journals to assess your baseline before starting as well as suggest lab testing* that could be beneficial. (*all lab testing should be performed by your physician)